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Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green received the James Brown Impact Award yesterday during the 10th annual SneakerBall, the Greater Washington Sports Alliance's charity gala. The award is in recognition of his involvement in the community and is awarded to a player who has used sport to positively impact the area through his or her commitment and compassion for Washington, D.C., through community service.


Green, who is entering his ninth season with the Capitals, has devoted a lot of his time to community and charitable services for a variety of organizations in need. He created the So Kids Can program with DC 101's Elliot Segal to benefit youth-focused non-profit organizations. Since its inception, So Kids Can has donated nearly $250,000 to various charities.


"It is an honor to receive the JB Impact Award," Green said at the 10th annual SneakerBall. "I've been fortunate to be involved with several projects that have given back to the Washington, D.C., community, and I look forward to another season giving back to those in need through service."


SneakerBall is a one of a kind event. It is the only black tie and sneakers gala that annually celebrates the best of sports in the region. The Greater Washington Sports Alliance Foundation hosts the event each year. The Foundation is made up of six local charities and creates opportunities for corporate philanthropy to enhance the region's youth sports programs and facilities. Proceeds from the event will help benefit the Special Olympics.



I recently had the opportunity to meet one of the greatest country singers of all time, Garth Brooks. Despite the fact that you felt his extraordinary presence through a genuine aura about him, he was a super down-to-earth guy. I was fortunate to be among those who had donated to Teammates for Kids, as we were invited to Garth's house in Nashville. To say thanks, he treated all of us to dinner and one of his standard world-class performances. One can truly see why this foundation has been so successful, as the man has invested his whole heart in to what it has become. Whatever you decide to donate, rest assured that all of the proceeds go to the children, and also that the Zucker family has promised to triple any donation. Please check out their website and understand that whatever you can give would be hugely appreciated. As I said, this is a foundation that makes sure everything goes to the kids.




Behind the scene shots of the commercial I did with Michael & Son. I really enjoyed myself on set and thank you to all the Michael & Son employee's/actors who helped out. Can't wait to see what Chris at www.gearshift.tv will put together. Should air the start of next season!




Check out some inside looks of the tees getting printed up.



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