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Congratulations to Benny on being my fan of the week! He is looking fresh in his new Fifty-Two shirt. This 7 year-old is no doubt the coolest kid at school... Keep on cheering Bud!


Thanks for all the support! Send in your pics to contact@mikegreen52.com with your Caps or No.52 gear on and you could be featured next week.





This weeks fan of the week is Ovie! Yes, that's the dog's name. And if you ask me, I think he has a nicer smile than the real Ovie and doesn't drool as much! Haha #Sorry #Notsorry


Thanks for all the support! Send in your pics to contact@mikegreen52.com with your Caps or No.52 gear on and you could be featured next week.










My favorite cars today at McLean Car Show!



Proud to be part of this sport.



Thanks Molly Morales for the pic with your new T shirt, looks Great! Everyone feel free to send a photo of you in your new shirt to contact.mikegreen52@gmail.com and we will post it.


Thanks have a great day!



I met a strong young man today! That strong young man is Rory Mcdermott. Rory was kind enough to let me come over to his house today and converse with him along with his brother Tyler and friends. As we shared our interest in hockey he mentioned to me that he is also a defenseman for the Reston Raiders. I also found out that Rory loves Pokemon and video games. Rory and his brother play NHL 2013, Rory is always the Washington Capitals while Tyler his brother (who is a goalie for the 2001 Little Capitals) is the Boston Bruins when they play. Im a little bias but I am rooting for Rory in that match up.


Unfortunately Rory has been ill since January. He has not gotten better and there had not been one day where he has felt well (absent this past Saturday). He has constant nausea, constant headaches, aches in pains in his arms and legs, vomiting, acid and burning in his upper GI tract, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, feels overheated, low grade fever and his walking had been impaired where his legs buckle and he feels dizzy/lightheaded which makes him want to hold someone’s hand or hang on to a railing or wall. Prior to January, he was a healthy active boy playing on the highest travel hockey team in his hockey league, active at Langley, loved to play with friends and his big brother. He can no longer do any of those things and spends most of his time in bed.


After leaving the house Rory reassured me the most important message in life. "To make a difference". I hope that Rory will remember our meeting for life but he needs to know that his courage and strength to get out of bed to meet me will leave a lasting impression on me forever!


Thank you Rory


Mike Green




Great video, it reminds me of home!


Every January a group of friends go from the city to 8 hours north, to Green Lake, BC, Canada. Their mission, to build a full size hockey rink from the frozen lake and make hockey happen.


It takes several trips up north to prep the ice for this week. A snowplow scrapes the surface, and when it's cold enough, the ice is flooded to smooth the surface. Even though the ice is softer and more susceptible to damage, the backdrop of a wide open space and crisp air is undeniably one of the best feelings in the world. I can't wait for next January.


Created by Brian Ceci and Shaun Finn




Check out some inside looks of the tees getting printed up.




Just heard back from my first customer!!! Glad you enjoy the shirt and thanks for the continued support. Aren't Hockey Moms the best??



Game 2 winner in OT against the Rangers at Verizon.



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